Tussock Jumper family goes AR!

Now the Tussock Jumper herd has opened up another new chapter and is even using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to tell you more.

The Tussock Jumper animals come from all over the world with fascinating stories about their love and passion for wine. You can jump from country to country and from wine to wine with them.

Download the Tussock Jumper Wines App, aim at the bottle label and experience how the animals are taking charge of your wine and food …

Don’t feed them too much … !

A Tussock Jumper makeover

As you can see, we’ve knitted a whole new website. The old one did us well for our launch in 2011 but we grew out of it and, tada! here’s our new one. Now we can feature our wider selection of wines and put some of our awards on the mantelpiece. We’ve even tried to capture some of our stories in pics, videos and reactions from TJ fans.

Our bigger, better, digital red jumper looks great on any screen, big or small. Now wine lovers anywhere and everywhere can find the premium wines they’re looking for.




Monastrell Organic
Shiraz Grenache Viognier
Nero d’Avola

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