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A tale of passion and pride

Tussock Jumper is a premium wine brand created from the shared passion of wine specialists from eleven different countries.
Our aim is to bring together the world’s very best wines under a single, distinctive, quality mark: the woolly red sweater of Tussock Jumper. So you can jump from wine to wine, jumper to jumper, all around the world. What makes us truly unique is that all our wines are bottled at source – in the same place where the grapes are grown. And, because our producers appreciate the love we have for wine, they’re happy to pass on their very best quality wines to us.
You know what? That makes us kind of proud.

A jumper with four sides


We love wine. That’s why we only want to bring you the very best ones. We don’t own any wineries or vineyards or anything like that. We simply concentrate on travelling the world, selecting the best value for money wines we can find and sharing them. Each one bears the picture of an animal native to where the wine comes from. Think of them as Tussock Jumper ambassadors from each country.


Why is where the wine comes from so important to us? Because you only get the best wines from the source. And, by bottling wines at the origin, we can guarantee you the best quality. We work together with the best wine producers in the world, getting to know them all personally. And, because they appreciate what the Tussock Jumper brand stands for, they’re pleased to supply us with their very best quality wines.


A tussock is a knobbly kind of grass that can be found all round the world. It symbolises our green credentials and our commitment to preserving nature. We take great care that all our wines are grown and produced under the best and most sustainable conditions. It not only ensures good wines but safeguards supply of them well into the future.


All the animals wearing red jumpers on our wines isn’t just a gimmick or a clever branding idea to stand out on the crowded shelves of your local store. It’s more than that. The jumper is a seal of authenticity which is your guarantee that everything has been done to provide you with the finest quality, best tasting wine.

Bring your wine to life

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